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Energy Breakthroughs To New Free Energy Devices Pdf Reader

energy breakthroughs to new free energy devices pdf reader


Energy Breakthroughs To New Free Energy Devices Pdf Reader >


















































Energy Breakthroughs To New Free Energy Devices Pdf Reader



While the research thread they are following may hold great promise, these deluded inventors begin to trade enthusiasm for facts, and the value of the scientific work from that point on suffers greatly. Communications technology and the Internet have torn the veil of secrecy off of this remarkable fact. The first two forces will never allow an inventor or a company to build and sell a free energy machine to you! The only way you will ever get one is if you, or a friend, build it yourself. The first two forces have constantly used the media to promote the worst examples of this group, to distract the public's attention and to discredit the real breakthroughs by associating them with the obvious frauds. The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age. ERR 800 kW Power Station Project Booklet. Directory:Electromagnetic. The seeds are planted.


It forces us all to take responsibility for our own actions and for our own self-disciplined self-restraint when needed. Their motivations are the imagined divine right to rule, greed, and their insatiable need to control almost everything except themselves. All major industrial engines use the release of heat to cause expansion and pressure to produce work, like in your car engine. Why? Whose purposes are served by this postponement? Four Invisible Forces There are four gigantic forces that have worked together to create this situation. Only the mass action that represents our consensus can create the world we want. Directory:Trends. Directory:Electromagnetic. Directory:Cold Fusion. of solar collector. When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, using a system developed by Stan Meyers (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into hydrogen and oxygen gas with very little electrical input.


Directory:Cold Fusion. - Official forum for discussing this list. The source of free energy is inside of us. But this short list is sufficient to make my point: free energy technology is here, now. Tremendous economic instabilities and wars will be used in the near future to distract people from joining the free energy movement. Also, using different electrolytes (additives that make the water conduct electricity better) changes the efficiency of the process dramatically. The space between the cylinders is filled with a liquid such as water or oil, and it is this "working fluid" that heats up as the inner cylinder spins. on Harnessing Cavitation Zero Point Energy to Produce Fusion and Transmutation in Water.


Subscribe here to our free email list for two information-packed emails per week. The links provided will take you directly to the patent on the website of the U.S. On the periphery of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs that constitute the real free energy technologies, lies a shadow world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. Disease would be conquered, and so would poverty. Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies.


A handful of other companies worldwide are believed also to be pursuing zero-point energy via magnetic systems. Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies. Dr. Toggle navigation Home Key Info GO Free News Service Website Overview Best Truth Videos Free Online Course Website History Lifting the Veil Praise From Readers Spread the Word GO General: 10 reliable facts for a better world 9/11: 10 easily verified facts in major media Media: Leading journalists reveal cover-ups Health: Top MD on major health cover-up War: Top U.S. Directory:Red Ice Creations / Radio.

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